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I was born in Lima, Peru and came to Miami, Florida at the age of 2. I have a Bachelor's in Psychology from Florida International University and a Master's in Experimental Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. My interests are on the effects of mindfulness and yoga on stress, emotion regulation, clinical disorders, and attention. I will begin a Clinical Psychology doctorate degree in Fall 2021.

In 2011, a young, naive version of myself stepped foot into my first yoga class. Due to my background in gymnastics and cheerleading, many yoga asanas (postures) came easy to me. As time passed and I continued to practice, I realized that yoga was not about flexibility and fancy asanas but rather a spiritual journey where you learn so much about yourself. Ever since I welcomed yoga into my life, I learned how to invite peace, healthy coping skills, self-awareness, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and mindfulness.


I became a 200hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) in June 2015 and have been teaching ever since. As a yoga teacher and future clinician, my teaching style is a synergistic blend of yoga philosophy and psychology concepts.


I am eager to remind others of their own potential and power to create a beautiful, personal path of healing, growth, and joy.

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