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Blue Sage: Less pungent than White Sage, Blue Sage has a soothing and cooling natural scent. It is a great choice to cleanse your space to prepare for meditation, yoga, or any spiritual practice. Blue Sage is also a great choice for cleansing when you move to a new home.


Blue Sage for:

  • Cleansing your space from negative energies
  • Healing
  • Abundance
  • Wealth

Blue Sage

    • 4 inches
    • Wild Lavender
  • Grab one end of the stick, preferably the more woody end. Tilt the herb stick at a 45 degree angle downward onto a flame so that the tip/opposite end of the herb stick can catch fire.


    Stay here for a few seconds and simply observe your herbs catching fire slowly. This is the perfect moment to set an intention and practice pranayama (breathwork).


    There is no need to light the entire tip, just a corner is fine!