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Selenite is a beautiful white crystal that is a must have during meditation or spiritual work. It is the crystal that is best known for its ability to cleanse and purify other crystals and stones as well as aiding us in raising our vibrations. Selenite is great for anyone but is especially a great crystal for anyone beginning their spiritual journey.


Why choose Selenite?

  • Cleanses and purifies your space and aura
  • Self-cleansing; no need to cleanse it unlike other crystals
  • A high-vibration crystal
  • Hold or place on body while meditating to intensify clarity and expand awareness
  • Resonates the best with your Crown and Third Eye Chakra


Lavender has a relaxing, soothing scent and can help destress, reduce anxiety, and aid in sleep. It is a perfect pair for Selenite as they both bring calming energy to your space.


Lavender for:

  • Calming energy
  • Reducing emotional turbulence (e.g., anxiety, stress, negative thoughts/moods)
  • Better sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory

Selenite with Lavender Bouquet

SKU: CRY0030321SLB
    • 1 Selenite with Lavender Bouquet
    • Selenite crystal is 4 inches
    • Unpolished, meaning it is naturally rough and textured
    • Thickness may vary due to the nature of the crystal